Friday, April 13, 2007

Who's the Lucky Winner?

Please note - the date of this missive was February 2, 2007!
A Few Days of Suspense Never Hurt Anyone!
As you know, my partner, Pat, is unable to attend the Super Bowl game with me, thus making available a single seat for this fabulous, one-shot World Series wannabe.
We at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC announced (a scant three days ago) the three lucky marketers who had been randomly selected as finalists in the competition for this extravaganza, and now it's time for us to announce just who has won the ticket.
It may come as little surprise to most readers that the first response was received quite quickly. In fact, it arrived a mere thirty six hours after we had sent out our call to action!
The winner, in his e-mail reply, informed me of how anxious he was to see "Da Bears" stomp all over those "no-good, late-night sneaking Colts" in person. Still more gratifying to me, he also averred that he could hardly wait to "get that foot-long in his mouth" as mentioned in the contest announcement.
"Enough with the suspense," I hear you say. Indeed, I'm pleased to announce that my guest at Dolphin Stadium on Sunday will be Franklin J. Trowbridge, III of Amana of Camden.
Congratulations to Mr. Trowbridge, and condolences to Stephen P. Boulware, our second-place entrant. Steve will be receiving a package of Bun Length Ball Park® All-Beef Franks, a package of Wonder Bread® Hot Dog Buns, and a can of Hormel® Chili (No Beans!) so he can enjoy a "Chili Dog" while watching the game at home. As to Joseph Caponigro, we never heard from him - perhaps he's a Baseball-Only kind of guy?


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