Friday, April 13, 2007

The Big Game?

More Like a One-Shot, World Series Wannabe, if you ask me!
You may have noticed the frenzy of football-ish tie-ins and marketing foo-faw all around the nation these days. Actually, you'd almost have to be dead to have missed it, I suppose.
At any rate, why are we letting the television networks tell us about what to be excited? Why are we ceding control of our remotes to the whims of advertisers from hither and yon?
It seems certain that we in the marketing biz have convinced your "average Joe" that this coming Sunday is all about some spectacular commercials, interspersed with large, sweaty men knocking one another down in front of a large audience.

"Bread and Circuses!" I hear someone cry.
"Lead Poisoning," is my considered reply.

That's right; I believe it's a lead-pipe cinch that this national glut of televised sales pitches and physical derring-do is little more than a sign of the downfall of civilization as we know it.
Why should we want all that football to interrupt our enjoyment of the commercials, when we could simply stop at the local beverage vending machine for a full-motion story - with no annoying interruptions?
Riddle me that, Batman, Riddle me that.


Last week, Jay wrote about the #1 marketing trend for 2007:
Herb Stringfellow responded:
"It seems to me, Jay, that all you ever do is recycle that same, tired sales pitch about soda machines.
"Don't you have anything new to tell us?"

Thanks, Herb.
You may have caught on to one of the key secrets of good marketing and advertising: repetition!
That's right, if you want someone to remember what you've told them, you will most likely have to repeat it a few times.
Thanks for noticing.
ell done and Excelsior!
-- Jay

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