Friday, April 13, 2007

Bedtime for Buzzwords

Please note: the date of this missive was February 23, 2007

In the argot of marketing, there are two words which must not be spoken!

Quick - name two words that we were all glad to see disappear from our marketing jargon lexicon. I would wager a cold Pepsi® product that most of you included at least one of these: synergy and convergence.
I must include myself in the list of those not missing those words, however, I must also say that we here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC are uniquely poised to deliver the benefits which were only hinted at by those two (happily!) now-defunct terms.
"How?" I hear many of you ask. "Like this," I answer.

Nearly every marketing pro this side of retirement has heard about web-isodes and mobi-sodes ad nauseum by now. Those, we are here to tell you, merely represent the opening salvo in a veritable tsunami of frenzied repurposing, to coin a metaphor.

What could possibly be the next wave in synergistic repurposed convergence? After webisodes and mobisodes, it's time for episodas. That's right - producers at all the major studios will soon be pouring full-motion, live action short features and series for distribution on full-motion capable, wi-fi-enabled beverage vending machines - and you all know where to go for the chance to sponsor these, now don't you?

In fact, some enterprising marketers (BMW comes to mind) have already been active in creating their own short films for release on the "internet" and via cellular telephone technology. This is merely the next logical stop on the evolutionary escalator of advertising and marketing messaging. While no longer physically addictive, there is no doubt that refreshing carbonated beverages (and even non-carbonated iced-teas!) can become habitual. Why not turn your customers' appointment drinking into appointment viewing at the same time?!

We at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC believe that only the wisest and most forward thinking marketers will rush in here where sluggards fear to tread - you know in which camp you belong!


Last week, Jay wrote about his Big Game experience:
Simone Larrabie responded:
"What makes you think we're interested in your whining about getting wet? I don't tell everyone about my wetness, and you probably shouldn't either. If you don't know enough to take an umbrella to ..."

Simone, I think you've hit the nail on the head, as it were.
Rest assured that I will no longer "complain" about the weather in this column, nor will I be caught without an umbrella and some rubbers!

- Jay

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