Friday, April 13, 2007

A Special Offer For You!

Please note the date of this missive was January 30, 2007!
You May Have Already Won -
See Below
An unfortunate chain of events has led to the availability of my partner, Pat's, ticket to the Super Bowl this Sunday.
Under normal circumstances, we here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC would hold some kind of contest for our friends in the industry, leading to the use of said ticket. At this late date, however, that would be very difficult.
In lieu of said contest, we conducted a random spin of my Rolodex, choosing three potential winners. The first of these three lucky professionals to reply to this email will be joining me at Dolphin Stadium for a spectacular evening of foot-ball and foot-longs.
Before we proceed any further, let us apologize to those receiving this note whose names are not in the "Lucky Three" - we want you to know that we share your disappointment, but wanted you to know that you really did have a chance to attend the "Big Game" in Miami.
In order to avoid any problems, the winner, upon notification, will be met at our reserved parking space (in the "Tundra Preferred" section of the Dolphin Stadium parking system!), and then escorted to our seats in Section 115.
We at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC regret that the winner will have to be responsible for getting to the game (and back home!), as we simply don't have time to arrange for a Luxury Executive Motorcoach, as would be our normal mode of operation.
Finally, the "Lucky Three" marketers are (in reverse alphabetical order!):
  • Franklin J. Trowbridge, III - Amana of Camden
  • Joseph Caponigro - WestWayne, Atlanta
  • Stephen P. Boulware - - Westlake Village, CA
Best of luck to each of you fellows - the clock starts now!


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