Friday, April 13, 2007

History Nearly Repeats Itself

Please note: the date of this missive was March 9, 2007

Another "Available" Ticket Creates Need for another Rolodex Ride

Do you know the way to San Jose? Whoa! If you do, and you're the first of the lucky three marketing professionals pulled at random (see below) from my Rolodex® to reply, you will be on your way to the HP Pavilion at San Jose as my guest at the concert of the century.
That's correct, my partner, Pat, is once again unable to attend a spectacular event with me - meaning Pat's ticket is available, this time a ticket to hear the dreamy Josh Groban live in concert!
As with our previous draw for the ticket to the Really Big Professional Football Game last month, we here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC pulled three names at random (see below) from my Rolodex®, and the first one to reply (via email only, please - no faxes, no phone calls, no post cards) will join me at this "once-in-a-lifetime" performance (apologies to David Byrne!).
Again, upon confirmation of his (or her!) "vital statistics" and other information, the lucky winner will receive his (or her!) ticket and pre-paid parking voucher by DHL International Courier Service, along with instructions as to where he (or she!) will meet me at the HP Pavilion at San Jose. The concert takes place on Wednesday, March 28th at 8PM, and the winner should expect to be treated to some very tasty "snackage" as well as the concert.
Well, that's likely more than enough "explanation" and "background information" for the time being. It's time to reveal the lucky three "contestants" who may join me for what should truly be a night to remember. The three (in no particular order) are:
  • Scott Barshay, Red Robin, Denver
  • Roland Mendoza, BBDO, Los Angeles
  • Jennifer Fabiano - Fabiano Communications, Scottsdale
And the clock starts ... now!


* - This random selection was done by dropping my Rolodex® on the floor from a height of approximately five feet and picking up the three cards which were closest to my feet when the "dust" settled. Just thought you'd like to know how we did it. - Jay

Last week, Jay wrote about coffee machines and moisturizers:
J. Higginbotham responded:
"If you had read what I've read, and heard what I've heard, you'd never recommend that anyone drink coffee nor use moisturizers..."

J. (nice initial, by the way!) -
Having read much of the rest of your email, I have a feeling that you think toothpaste causes crime, and that carbonated beverages cause insanity. It's hard to take your arguments seriously, but I admire your passion - fight the power, brother!

-- Jay

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