Friday, April 13, 2007

The Replies are In!

Please note - the date of this missive was March 16, 2007

A near tie, but Internet date-stamps and email logs reveal all!
Well, once again we here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC had a very close contest to judge - and why not, what with the opportunity to experience a Josh Groban live performance, and all?!
As you may have guessed from the headline and sub-head above (I hope you don't mind those technical terms!), this was even closer than the SuperBowl Big Football Game drawing. In fact, the first (and only!?!) entries arrived in my "in box" essentially simultaneously, and it was only with the help of Kim, from the IT staff here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC, that we were able to determine our winner. Yes, we had to examine the email "header" portion of the electronic missives to determine which had actually arrived first.
One of the more gratifying things about this state of affairs is that these replies came in less than sixty (60) hours after our call to action!! That's nearly as quickly as the above-mentioned "football" drawing.
At any rate, you will no doubt recall that the call went out to three lucky marketing professionals, asking them simply to be the first to reply, and informing them that that first reply would gain its sender a ticket to see the dreamy Josh Groban, live in performance at the HP Pavilion on March 28th, accompanied by me, as my partner, Pat, is unable to attend. You will further recall that the lucky contestants were:
  • Scott Barshay, Red Robin, Denver
  • Roland Mendoza, BBDO, Los Angeles
  • Jennifer Fabiano - Fabiano Communications, Scottsdale
Perhaps you will agree that the suspense ought to be ended, that I should simply tell you who won the tickets. I agree. Thus:
With an arrival time in my email "in box" of 12:03:13PM EST, Jennifer Fabiano of Scottsdale is the second place finisher. Arriving in my inbox at 1:03:12PM EDT was the winning entry from the one who now knows the way to San Jose, Scott Barshay of Denver.
You may be looking at those times and thinking, "Jay, you're off your nut," and you might even be right. However, a closer examination will provide the needed clarity. What with Congress (in its wisdom!) moving the start of Daylight Savings Time to mid-March this year, and the inability of certain IT departments and certain ISPs to handle said shift, Jennifer's email was still marked with Standard time, while Scott's was correctly punched with Daylight time. Thus, rather than being an hour behind, Scott was actually a second ahead of Jennifer. A lesson to us all, I think.
As with our last drawing, there was one "entrant" from whom we never heard - in this case it was Roland Mendoza of LA. Perhaps next time, Roland, perhaps next time.
Still, Scott and I can now look forward to a wonderful evening of song and some tasty "snackage" to boot - yum!


Last week, Jay wrote about another drawing for very sought-after tickets:
Jennifer Fabiano responded:
"Dreamy is just the half of it, Jay, that Josh Groban is a musical god..."

See Jay's comments above.

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