Friday, March 16, 2012

A Special Offer for Our Detroit Area Friends!

Friends, how many times have you realized - but too late! - that you had an early afternoon sales meeting (or "call" as they are often termed), just as you finished the last - tasty! - bite of one or another Italian delight?

After a moment of panic at the thought of "garlic breath" causing the loss of a sale, you probably grab a breath mint or other candy, hoping simply to cover the faux pas, not to rectify it. (Have you ever wondered why we always use a French term for these things? Are the French simply more likely to commit them, and so have the best name for them? I know I have wondered precisely that.)

If your experience is anything like mine has been - and I have a good deal of experience, as Pat can confirm - covering up garlic simply doesn't work. That's where the GOOD FITE® comes in - in a veritable syzygy of the gastronomic and oral health worlds, Andiamo's and Listerine have teamed up to give frequent diners access to the latest anti-garlic breath technology: Listerine with AGB!

We here at Jay Standish, Inc.  LLC are helping these two titans of industry to roll out their alliance by running a limited time test program at the Royal Oak location. Frequent diners will be approached as they depart - based upon the analysis of the level of garlic breath as measured by the table service professionals at Andiamo's - with the option of gargling with the new Listerine with AGB! Takers-up will have their sales successes tracked and analyzed by famed sales expert Bartholomew G. Edison, and the results will be included in an upcoming revision to his bestselling tome, Selling 402 - How to Zig Past Ziglar and Make the Big Bucks.

Watch for the Jay Standish, Inc.  LLC associate recruiting test subjects at the Royal Oak Andiamo's in the next few weeks!

Jay Standish
Jay Standish, Inc.  LLC

Remember: GOOD FITE® is a registered trademark of Andiamo's and Listerine.

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