Thursday, September 01, 2011

You Could Win with Listerine®

The top stories of business success with involve gargling will win!

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the folks in China were generally less polite than I had expected. In addition (and much to my surprise I must admit!), the lack of oral care put me in mind of my travels in the back-country areas of Scotland and Northumberland.
In addition to the cosmetic aspects of this dentistry-averse culture, the sheer level of halitosis was something to behold - or to be-hold one's breath, as it were!

This experience put me in mind of the many ways in which our latest client's product has actually been put to use in our own firm's storied history. Many regular readers will remember the efforts of my erstwhile partner, Pat (I'm not bitter), to cover his liquid lunch habits with a quick (yet firm and bracing!) gargle of Listerine®.

Most readers will be less familiar with other tales of marketing efforts and derring-do which have not been reported heretofore in these missives. One such example would be the time when one of our marketing paladins was able to fulfill a life-long dream by fronting the celtic-punk band, Left Sister Down at an actual "gig" as they call their jobs. Unsurprisingly, this marketer of Italian extraction sent forth such a wave of garlic that it nearly knocked the band members off their respective feet. It was only after some quick thinking by Morgan (one of the leaders of Left Sister Down), that "Joe" was able to stay on stage - Morgan provided a travel-sized bottle of Listerine® and the "gig" was saved!

But enough of the history of Listerine® with members of the Jay Standish, Inc. LLC "family" of marketing professionals and clients.
We here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC would like to hear from you, our loyal readers, telling tales of other situations where the use of Listerine® was able to "save the day" (as it were) for you, your associates, or your clients.
As noted in the subhead of our current newsletter, the top stories - seven of them, as selected by an impartial panel of judges selected at random in the lunchroom here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC on September 16th at noon! - will receive a fabulous prize.
"What," I hear you ask, "will be said fabulous prize?"
"A full year's supply of the Listerine® flavor of your choice," I reply with some measure of certitude and alacrity.
[Please note that for the purposes of this "contest" (or promotional event, should you prefer), a year's supply will be construed as one 1.5 liter bottle per week, to be delivered through our customized Prime Subscription system.]
So what are you waiting for? We must receive your entry - an original tale of a marketing fiasco averted by gargling Listerine® by midnight (Eastern Time!) Wednesday September 14!

Last time, Jay wrote about returning home from China and granting a paladin's wish:
Holger Dansk responded:
"Allowing a commie un-civil servant to take your sword away makes me wonder how much you really know about paladins and such, Jay. I know I would never have suffered such indignity without at least threatening mayhem or worse..."

Ah, Holger, my friend, if only it were so simple. I fear that a rapier is no shield against the machine guns the airport guards began wielding for the Olympic period. Still, I admire your spirit, and match it fully with my own - Excelsior!

-- Jay

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