Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, so much for the wooden dancer ...

After surviving far longer than anyone thought was reasonable (especially Li'l Kim, one might think!), our rodeo friend has finally been bucked off the stage [as it were!] by dint of everyone else's being better dancers than he.

Still, as noted in a previous "post" on this "blog," Ty's performance simply exposes the feet of clay of a certain "monkey-dance" poseur at Micro-Soft. Had M. Ballmer had the cojones (as our erstwhile near-finalist might have put it) to hoof it over at ABC along with Woz, his software giant (read de facto monopoly) might be looking forward to years of growth.
As it is, few will care that Steve "Fester" Ballmer might have been a contender, but chose to hide in Redmond instead.

Sad, that - sad indeed!

At any rate, one can only hope that the finale this coming week will be as spectacular as in seasons past, and that the next season will bring yet new surprises to the small screen.
Who knows, might there be a place for a master marketer to "bust" a move on the federally chartered all-digital airwaves? One can but hope and dream.



Bruce Campbell said...

What, no handicapping of the finals? I had hoped you might tell us who you thought is the front-runner and/or who you find most appealing.

Come on, Jay, let us know what we'll see this week.

Jay Standish said...

Bruce (really?)
Thank you for your comment - and your point which is well taken.

Given the opportunity, I am seldom one to shy away from giving my opinions and/or prognostications.

My expectation is that in the final analysis, we will see Melissa taking the "trophy" home. While she's done a fine job - she's an attractive enough dancer, I suppose, and she had no time to get ready for the series - she's not my first choice.

As to Shawn, she's entertaining in a high school cheerleader sort of way, but not well-rounded enough to pull off the win.

Frankly, I think Gilles is the clear winner, but he won't get the points because he's not on an ABC program other than DWTS.

Sorry to be cynical, but that's my prediction.
I'd love to be proved wrong, though.