Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No "Adios" Yet

Well, shock was all around the audience this evening. Certainly I had no inkling that Lil Kim would be leaving Dancing With The Stars this early.
While the "junk in her trunk" as Len put it so Britishly did little for me, Ty's steady, yet mechanical dance style seemed over-ripe for plucking, as it were.

Perhaps the folks at home were mesmerized by his cowboy charms, perhaps the judges were tiring of Kim's gyrating glutei, perhaps we'll never know.

Still, it shows how important this program has become to America and Americans - if only Steve Ballmer had "sucked it up" [so to speak!] and entered the fray this season he wouldn't have had to lay off all those MicroSofties this week.

Ah, me, the vagaries and exigencies of marketing in the modern world.

So, five, six, seven, eight, Excelsior!


Charlie van Becelaere said...

You, sir, are a freak.

Jay Standish said...

Perhaps, sirrah, perhaps.

Nonetheless, I find your comment to be lacking in logic and reason, though not in vituperation and vitriol. Badly played, I fear.

Perhaps your favorite star was ejected from the competition early on this season?

Feel free to comment on our "blog" posts here, but please in the future try to be a bit more civil in tone, and to use at least a modicum of evidence and argumentation when making such statements.