Monday, February 09, 2009

More Bad News for Micro-Soft?

Yes, it looks as though Steve "Monkey Dance" Ballmer has once again flubbed the only opportunity he has to be a significant mover and or shaker in the world of high technology - viz that he was not included in the cast of the upcoming eighth fabulous season of Dancing With the Stars.

To make matters worse - if that were possible! - co-founder of arch-nemesis Apple, Steve Wozniak is the sole representative of geekdom on the program. One imagines this may be a chance for Apple to segue from Jobs to Woz, should the health of the former not improve adequately.

As before, please remember that you read all this here first!


billg said...

Jay, why do you have it in for my friend Steve?
Just because he can't dance doesn't mean he's not at the pinnacle of management. Did you see how Cuban made a fool of himself on that show? What makes you think anybody else would want to look that stupid on TV?

Jay Standish said...

What a load of piffle, billg.

You know as well as the next philanthrogeek that Ballmer is nothing but a poseur. He couldn't code his way out of an endless loop, nor can he dance his way into the hearts of America - that opportunity has been handed to Woz, who is doing a creditable job of just that.

I'm afraid that even with Windows 7 on the horizon, Micro$oft's boat may already have sailed, and the rats are jumping ship while the captain rearranges the monkey cages on the deck.