Monday, December 08, 2008

Sad News from the World of Television

Perhaps you recall a reader's comment from back in April (the issue of April 28, in fact):

Last time, Jay wrote about amateur hubris:
Ima W. Esome responded:
"I don't know where you come off saying that my public access show isn't as good as Mad TV! You've probably never even seen my brilliant impersonations of Beverly Garland or Alice Ghostley...."

I think someone's pulling my leg here. Still, you didn't make any good points, and there's no point in annoying the host.
-- Jay

Well, the sad news has just come over the wire, as it were, that that fabulous actress and screamer, Beverly Garland, has passed away. sic transit gloria mundi, sic indeed.


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Ima W. Esome said...

Jay -
I'm surprised you remember my comment, as you went out of your way to belittle and taunt me in your reply.
At any rate, Beverly Garland was one of the all time great screamers - just check out her corpus of work in to see how great she was. I try to pay tribute to her greatness each time I impersonate her. She will be greatly missed, and I applaud you for noting her passing.