Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another "Aha!" Moment for Marketers!

Well, well, well. It's always gratifying to find that others (are at least beginning to) agree with one, isn't it? It's even more gratifying to find that an entire industry agrees with one, and it's in that sort of "cat bird seat," as it were, that I find myself.

A recent article in the marketing trade press mentioned that outdoor or out-of-home advertising is the fastest growing medium apart from the internet. Industry experts noted that it's not just painted bulletins out there any more. In fact, the part of the industry driving this growth is the LED displays such as those found in Times Square.

An ad agency bigwig noted that it's "not just regular 30-sheets. You can just look in Times Square--people are really starting to get into LED displays, and it's driven by the desire to create something that's truly impactful." Apparently outdoor companies are selling out these boards faster than they can build them.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It certainly should, if you've been following this blog. It is just this amazing transformation of what was into what ought to be that drives us at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC. It's that drive that created the full-motion-capable displays on beverage vending machines. It's that drive that has kept us ahead of an entire industry which seems, only now, to be waking from a 14x40 bed and smelling the coffee - or other, possibly ice-cold!, beverage of its choice.

Full motion in an outdoor board - with audio as well - it's an idea whose time has come, and we're where marketers will come to get it.


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