Friday, April 28, 2006

At Last - A Reality Show for Me!

Perhaps you've noticed my sign-off in these blog entries (and in all my missives, for that matter!) and wondered where I got it. Well, among my heroes I count as one of the greatest the spectacular Stan Lee. It is precisely from him that I adopted my now nearly ubiquitous "catch phrase" of Excelsior!

Well, the folks at the SciFi channel are apparently taking time out from screwing up their programming with ghost hunters and mediums and other vaguely fantasy-related drek. For what are they pausing the destruction of a once-mighty brand? Why, to create a reality show where Stan Lee will judge among various creators of super-heroes, that's what!

In fact, Mr Lee (remember that song from the bubble-gum era?) will not only choose the winner, but will participate in the prizes by creating a comic book featuring the winning super-hero! In addition, there will be a made-for-TV movie featuring the character to be shown on the SciFi channel. I may have to continue my too-frequent absence from this endeavour in order to "flesh out" my own entry.

I'd say more, but one can't be too careful these days!


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