Friday, March 10, 2006

Can't get it out of my head!

Well, I'm sure it can't be just me, but I am completely unable to get my mind off the image of SNL's Jimmy Fallon dancing on a taxi cab with the delicious Miss Parker Posey.

There, I said it - she is simply delicious! I can't say with absolute certainty, as I'm not certain that the opportunity would ever present itself, but I think she could turn a gay man straight, at least for a while. (Ah, would that I could have been there to catch her when the foolish Mr Fallon tossed her away!)

I know not everyone is as enamored of the advertising and marketing game as I am (after all, that's where I earn my wages, as it were!), but I find myself inventing commercials for various products, just as vehicles for the delicious (there, I said it again!) Miss Posey's considerable thespian abilities. I had made a suggestion to an agency friend, complete with story line and some basic direction, but there was no interest, apparently. Alas, the auto industry seems not to be as forward-thinking as the beverage industry.
Go, Pepsi!

Well, I think that suffices for now. Watch for the video of the commercial - you can find it on as well as at - you won't regret the view.


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