Monday, May 05, 2008

Once again - a persipcacious prognostication!

As noted in a previous post here on my "blog" (viz: here), Messrs. Ballmer et al. have been shown the door by that feisty Yahoo! board of directors.

Had Steve been able to demonstrate his "monkey dance" chops (as it were!) on this season's "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC, there might have been a chance for Micro$oft to purchase Yahoo! - as it is, he's likely doomed to watch his company dwindle and fade on his watch.

Yahoo! in the mean-time, seems poised to join forces with one or another of the various "internet" colossi (perhaps AOL? perhaps Murdoch? perhaps yet another?) and become a stronger competitor for those irksome fellows at Google (I'm still smarting over that Mars prank, but I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough).

Recommended reading for Mr. Ballmer - the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: fascinating!



Anonymous said...

So you've shown yourself to be a dope as far as Google is concerned (going to Mars - ha!), but you think you're a genius about Microsoft and Yahoo!?


Ballmer may not be the sharpest tack in the sack of wet mice, but he's getting the job done there in Redmond, bub. The whole reason they wanted to buy Yahoo! was to get access to their huge array of open source software as a stepping stone to closing it all back up. No more open source? No more competition for Office, for Windows, for Internet Explorer, for SQL Server (my favorite) - no more competition for Microsoft!

That's what it was all about, chump, it was about cornering the market on software development, not about internet advertising or dancing or being cool. If they wanted to be cool, they'd hire Philippe Kahn - they want to crush the competition, and that's why they have Steve Ballmer. That's a leader who knows how to fire up his troops, bub - not like some weaselly little guy who just writes blogs and pretends to be a marketing genius.


Jay Standish said...

Firstly, I'll thank you to leave your name-calling at the door, sir.

Secondly, as it's not often that anyone remembers Mr. Khan as being cool, my hat is off to you, Gyro (may I call you Gyro?); consider the hat doffed indeed.


mary lewis said...

Jay -
Speaking of prognostications, didn't you, quite some time ago, mention that you'd be doing a newsletter article on packaging?

I was reading this week's issue of the American publication, AdAge, and noticed a piece on a brilliant marketer, one Stanley Hainsworth, among whose accomplishments figured the redesign of the website, marketing materials, and all the packaging for the Lego company.

Perhaps I should seek out a blog associated with this fellow, rather than to continue waiting for your address of this topic. What do you think?

Hopefully yours,

Jay Standish said...

Mary -
As always, it's a treat to hear from another true marketing professional.

Thank you for your reminder about the packaging article; I'll make sure we get that work shepherded through our system of research, writing, and double-vetting as soon as humanly possible.

As to Mr. Hainsworth's record of achievements, please keep in mind that he is an actor - one must always be on one's guard with such, mustn't one?