Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jay's going to Mars!

Yes, friends, I've begun the arduous, yet no-doubt spectacularly rewarding trek toward becoming one of the first (as far as we know) Martians!
Perhaps you saw that Virgin and Google have teamed up for a project called Virgle which will send a "Noah's Ark" to Mars, hoping to create the first Open Source Planet.
When yours truly noticed the announcement, and the "on-line" application / quiz there was no time wasted. Streaking through the questionnaire as though my life depended upon it, I was gratified - nay, exultant - to find that not only was I perfect for the trip, they want me to submit a 30 second video via "You-Tube" which will explain to them precisely why I am totally indispensable to this effort.
I've got Sam in our production department working with me on the video, but I thought I'd ask you, my loyal readers (and confidantes!), to help out with your suggestions as well.
Accordingly, please leave your suggestions as comments relating to this "blog" post and we here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC will read each and every one of them, appropriating the best thoughts and suggestions to our use, and thanking you most profusely as we make our way to Mars!

Should you wish to join me on this historic voyage, here is a "link" to the application

I hope to see many of you at the launch pad -
Excelsior Indeed!


Charlie van Becelaere said...

Jay -
You do know that was an April Fool's joke, don't you?
Of course, I'd like to see the video you and Sam were going to put together - it might be worth doing anyway, just for all your fans out here.
Excelsior! (no offense)

(and I'm glad to see you have the comments enabled again)

Jay Standish said...

Sadly, Charlie, I was completely taken in and hoodwinked by those clever folks at google and Virgin. Perhaps I can take solace in the fact that I didn't come across the "joke" until after the first, and thus was no longer in "don't let the wool be pulled over my eyes" mode.
At any rate, it's saved Sam some extra editing work, and I won't have to deal with makeup and harsh lighting.
Still, it would have been the adventure of a lifetime.

(and sorry about having disabled the comments - that was purely accidental)