Thursday, June 29, 2006

This just gives me Gas - but in a good way

Indeed, it's been quite a while since I've had a chance to blog away, but a recent article caught my eye, and I just had to chime in.
The article from MediaPost says, in part:
  • THE NETWORK AND CABLE TV "upfronts" may have been sluggish this year, but place-based TV executives say they're enjoying a surge of interest from ad buyers--and the medium's recent growth, including the launch of Gas Station TV on June 5th, and a new network in New York's Duane Reade pharmacies scheduled to go live in Fall 2006, suggests that place-based is here to stay.

    Indeed, "advertisers are excited by the opportunity to touch consumers at times when they've traditionally been very hard to reach," confirmed Jeff Minsky, director of emerging media platforms for OMD Digital. Unlike regular TV, place-based installations allow advertisers to reach people as they are coming or going from work, or in retail establishments--all ideal times for ad messaging.

That's right - even the biggest of the big Media agencies are beginning to catch up with us here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC! Imagine, place-based TV - who'd have thought of such a thing? Oh wait - we did! Nor does Jay Standish, Inc. LLC limit our clients to pre-established "networks" of places, such as filling stations or pharmacies. No indeed. With our concept, the places can be chosen one-by-one or in groups or categories: anywhere people want to buy a tasty beverage, your full motion (and full audio!) message can be seen (and heard!) by your top, thirsty prospects.

Imagine, if you will, a bunch of friends returning from a successful fishing trip, stowing their gear at the dock, and getting ready to return home in their same old cars and trucks. Having packed all their "sodas" and "pops" in the coolers, they will most likely stop at the Pepsi (or Coke!) machine to purchase a drink for the ride home. Suppose you were marketing a new vehicle with a special feature, say one of those new chilled storage compartments, and these fishermen (or women!) see your spot as they're lugging those massive coolers back to their vehicles. Who's to say how many of them might be tempted to stop by the dealership on the way home to see whether that championship-quality bass (or muskie!) would fit in said compartment? Who indeed?

Rather than speculate, we here at Jay Standish, Inc. LLC challenge any and every marketing maverick to give us a try! Just see how many of those $0.10 (on average!) pre-paid deposits on carbonated refreshment turn into purchases (or leases!) of new vehicles. We triple dog dare you (if you'll pardon the slight breach of daring etiquette).